Music Inspires Collaboration

On a day that started like any other, the students in the Folsom Middle School jazz band received a surprise. Members of the band Alma Desnuda, a group from San Francisco that’s toured all around the world, popped in for a visit. They wanted to share some of their experience and knowledge with the students.


But what really surprised the students was Alma Desnuda’s invitation to play a concert with them in front of the entire school the very next day.


Their music instructor, John Zimney, knew it was a risk. But he also knows that risk and courage is what music is all about.

“In order for music to be real, you have to expose what’s inside of you and be brave enough to let it come out. If it’s going to convey an emotion, you have to be willing to risk failure. You have to say, ‘ok, this is what I want to say musically and I’m going to go for it.’”


See what happens when two bands come together for a spontaneous, one-day collaboration.