Music Inspires

We all intuitively know this to be true. Music can put us in a good mood. It can make us melancholy. It can make us want to dance. It can energize our workouts or pump up the fans at a game. It can inspire social change. Everyone has felt the power of music.


But there’s also a growing amount of scientific research that shows that music can inspire us in other ways. Listening to music, and especially playing a music instrument, affects the brain unlike anything else. And learning to play music or incorporating music into lessons at school can have a multiplier effect on education overall.


In fact, studies show that music education can help improve grades. 

It can help with standardized test scores. And attendance. And behavior.  

Music inspires education.


For the past few years, we’ve been digging into this further. There’s plenty of scientific research, but we wanted see music education in action. We wanted to look into classrooms and talk to people—students, teachers and musicians—who experience the power of music every day. And then tell their stories. 


Music Inspires is an ongoing project by Music In Schools Today, a Bay Area non-profit that supports music education in public schools. See how you can support music education.